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Water Carrier, Elise Morin, reclaimed test tubes, eco art, slovakia, water issues, art installation

You may remember Morin’s last installation, WasteLandscape, where she used used 65,000 reclaimed CD’s to create artificial dunes in a warehouse in Paris. Her new installation uses 5,000 reclaimed test tubes as part of a larger illuminated sculpture on a waterway in Kosice in eastern Slovakia. Many people assumed the waterway is natural, but in fact it has a concrete bottom and can be drained. Morin was able to drain the waterway and install her structures built by Peter Lipovec and then insert the test tubes into custom wooden frames. The test tubes were then filled with water dyed with Fluroescein and the waterway was refilled in about 2 hrs. Lighting design of the installation was provided by Brano Bernár.

The resulting illuminated installation deputed on White Night in Kosice and passersby were treated to a haunting scene on the water. Like chandeliers on the water, Water Carrier glowed a disturbing neon color that many people probably thought was toxic. In fact, the water was not toxic and the color eventually faded with sun and rain. The point was to raise people’s awareness about the waterway. Water Carrier investigated and celebrated the water as a constant yet volatile global resource – a fundamental element, it’s environmental issues, political dilemmas, and its universal theme and symbol for life.

Images ©Elise Morin