Despite Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction of an early spring this year, some of us are still freezing our you-know-whats off (that groundhog is cute, but let’s face it, he’s no meteorologist). So until the temperatures rise, warming your frostbitten fingers by a stylish and eco-friendly fireplace is a good way to go…

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EcoSmart Fire, EcoSmart Fireplace, Eco-Friendly Fireplace

The go-to company for environmentally-friendly fireplaces seems to be Eco-Smart Fire, which we’ve written about before. Their well-designed modern fireplaces and ranges require no gas hookup and instead rely on clean-burning denatured ethanol. Their systems are also flue-less, which means they can be installed basically anywhere in your home.

Spark Fire Ribbon, Eco-Friendly Fireplace, Environmentally-friendly fireplace

Another stunning option is Spark’s Fire Ribbon, $3999, a vent-free system that boasts nearly complete fuel combustion, eliminating carbon monoxide and soot.

For a more portable option, the $650 Geniol Fireplace makes for a great (and warm!) tabletop centerpiece and burns using a clean fuel “paste.”

Geniol Fireplace, Eco-Friendly Fireplace

Perhaps our favorite, though, is the cheeky interpretation of fireplace logs by Carl Mertens. His $350 “tabletop fireplace” is as compact as an iPod and as sculptural as modern art.

Carl Mertens, Tabletop Fireplace, Eco-Friendly Fireplace

And for a more functional option, Schultedesign’s Fire Furniture line offers both warmth and a usable surface with their coffee table and podium. Most importantly, the flame burns off of a liquid that is both smoke and emission-free.