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The architects deconstructed the existing roof and recycled all the asphalt shingles, added a second floor and converted the south side of the roof into a large terrace that offers views of the harbor. An additional layer ofthermal insulation was added to the two-story high wooden frame and the entire building received a vented horizontal cladding.

A red wooden pergola on the south side provides shade during the summer and reduces heat gain. The efficient ventilation system has an effective heat recoveryperformance of 70.9%, while the flat part of the roof boasts 28 solar panels with a capacity of 6.7 kW and inverter technology.

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The statement released by the client speaks of the efficiency and performance of the completed project: “The house feels super healthy: I wake up in the morning without the urge of opening a window to ventilate: my indoor air is filtered and completely replaced with fresh outdoor air every 3 hours. The air does not feel dry compared to what it was with the former heating systemand my sinuses are happy which relieves me from the splitting headaches I used to wake up with. A total bliss!“

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