Hannastina Crick, a graduate fresh from Brighton University, believes that we should all live closer to nature. Inspired by the great outdoors and more, Hannastina pulls from classic Scandinavian design and culture, mixes it with traditional British crafts and a fuses it all with a love for earthy, biodegradable materials. Modern, luxurious, and original, you just have plant yourself on one of her straw benches to be instantly transported to the untouched countryside without even leaving your living area.

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Hannastina’s work is her own investigation of how objects can create a sense of well-being, making our lives better. In the search for a piece of calm in a hectic world, she brings nature in by re-contextualising country crafts and calling upon old traditions through the use of  light, organic materials. For her “Straw” bench, the designer made use of traditional straw-crafts and shaped the nest-like seat on a strong steel frame.

Another piece that exemplifies her design philosophy is “Lightness”. Made from a special translucent paper and a rattan woven frame, this hanging lamp seems to float and move above with just a slight breeze.

It is proved that ‘connecting’ with nature brings positive effects on our health, and as Italian writer Italo Calvinoonce wrote, “the search for lightness is a reaction to the weight of living”

+ Hannastina Crick

Photo © Hannastina Crick