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Only three free standing walls remained from the historic mill that sat on the site near Loch Ussie. The solid stone walls, which recall the era of the castles which dot the landscape, were to be converted from their original position, becoming part of the new design while paying tribute to their historical past.

The main two walls, which adjoin at a corner, were topped with a three storey master bedroom tower. Perched on a hill, the bedroom cantilevers over the building, and overlooks a nearby burn, as well as the home’s gardens. The addition was also clad in rustic timber to harmonize with the aged stone, and timber louvers were fitted over the windows to allow privacy, will filtering in sunlight.

Mixing modernism and historic architecture, the architects created a garden room, gym and garage within the stone walls. Enclosed within the new structures are also a series of covered and open air courtyards. Each courtyard accentuates different times of day, from sunrise to sunset, and allows natural light to filter into the interior of the home.

Inside, the plain white walls highlight architectural elements such as exposed rafters, as well as sections of the historic stone walls. The resulting effect has the both the clean lines of modernism, and the rugged stonework of centuries past.

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Via Arch Daily