Some of New York’s most resourceful homeless residents are making the Manhattan Bridge their new home. The New York Post reports that several people have been spotted turning the cozy confines between the bridge’s metal beams into coffin-sized living spaces. Apparently the bridge has become a popular “neighborhood” comparable to a shanty town with multiple denizens.

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The NY Post recently spoke with a passerby who saw a 40-year-old homeless Chinese man climb over a chain link fence to reach his bridge pod on the underside of the bridge’s upper deck, which sits between car traffic and subway tracks. According to the report, the “resident” climbed into the space within the bridge frame after undoing a red bike lock that was securing a makeshift door made from a wooden plank.

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Another homeless resident set up a place to stay complete with a rollout sleeping mat and a red tote bag to stash away his belongings. His bathroom, meanwhile, is a simple milk jug with a single magazine clipping acting as his décor.

There aren’t many definite facts on when people first started calling the Manhattan Bridge their home, but the existence of these particular bridgeside hovels was brought to the attention of authorities this Sunday after bicyclists spotted one of the homeless men climbing on the bridge. Mistaking him for a jumper, the bikers called 911, which then prompted the police and EMTs to rush to the scene.

via New York Post

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