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Pim Guesthouse, all(zone), bangkok, reclaimed wood, salvaged wood, recycled materials, thai sala

The 70 year old structure was the childhood home of Pim’s husband and she didn’t want to waste the remnant material and memories by throwing it away. Dismantling the home resulted in a huge pile of lumber, windows and doors.

Pim with her team built a raised platform and a steel frame to reinforce the building’s columns before re-assembling the salvaged wood. A skilled craftsman cut and fit the pieces together like a puzzle until a beautiful patchwork of multi-colored wood emerged. The final result was a beautiful, open-air, Thai sala and two-story structure with lots of storage and suitable for all sorts of activities. There was even enough

As they were building the guesthouse, there was still a very large pile of good, reclaimed wood that could still be used. So Pim and all(zone) decided to create a ceramic studio in the garden as well. After making a model of all the windows and doors, they arranged them into a workable plan and built the studio where Pim would spend much of her time.

Via Architizer