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Sarah Turner’s Recycled Soda Bottle Lamps:
Hanging White Soda Bottle Pendant starting at $675
Green and Blue Soda Bottle Table Lights starting at $280

Sarah Turner turns various plastic soda bottles into these intricate lamps. The bottles are collected from local cafes and households, and after a good cleaning, are sandblasted to make them opaque. Then some clever cutting transforms them into decorative forms perfect for lighting. It’s hard to believe that these lights were once plain old plastic bottles!

BID on the hanging white pendant lamp here >

BID on the green and blue table lights here >

Recycled Bike Tire ElasticShelf starting at $275

Bike tire tubes stretched between a couple of used furniture legs create this functional and handy shelving system, which also happens to look pretty sweet. For the lover of all things cycling, the ElasticShelf by SystemDesignStudio uses the tension created by the stretched tubes to keep books and other objects fixed in place. These were a favorite for all who stopped by our booth at Dwell on Design.

Bid on the ElasticShelf here >

Chop Flops Made from Recycled Chopsticks starting at $235

Joseph Palmer’s ‘Chop Flops‘ are an adorable pair of flip flops made of chopsticks. The surface where the foot meets the sandal is made of used chopsticks that were collected from the dumpster of a local Japanese restaurant. Dental floss was collected to lash the chopsticks together, as well as sew them to the sole. The sole is made of cork that was cut from an old pin-up board and the leather straps and adjusters were taken from an old Jansport bag.

Bid on the Chop Flops here >

Potus Pot Recycled Lightbulb Vase starting at $32

Designed by Natalia Hojman and Angeles Estrada Vigil, the Potus Pot repurposes a burnt-out light bulb into a new place for plant life. Each beautiful recycled planter comes complete with a simple OSB base and packaging reused from the original light bulb.

Bid on the Potus Pot here >