Imagine children’s furniture that is convertible as your little one grows up and is also smartly stylish and sophisticated in design sensibility. Too good to be true? Argington Modern Children’s Furniture has literally raised the bar for how to raise our little ones. The adjustable Argington Babylon Toddler High Chair elevates not only the wee folks who sit around the table but also our ideas about how family-friendly design can indeed be sustainable for future generations, as good solid investment pieces prove to have lasting value and shared multi-functional use.

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The Argington Babylon Toddler Highchair is made from a durable, sustainable Baltic birch that is finished with a non-toxic, ecologically friendly clear coat. This highchair supports up to 200 lbs. and is recommended for children 12 months and up. It’s the only toddler highchair that reaches as high as a counter top at 36” and as low as a coffee table at 19”. The seat is adjustable to 8 positions and has a 3 point safety strap. The legs are detachable for easy storage, and no hardware is required to adjust the seat or footrest. The optional cushions are 100% cotton, washable, and removable, and an “Infant Tray Kit” is available for ages 6 months to 24 months.

Gone are the days of cast-away baby gear and furniture items. It is amazing to think that one’s highchair not only adjusts to and accommodates one’s parent’s build but might also be packed away and re-used in one’s first apartment or home. Argington‘s long-term thinking and focus on reusability have finally eliminated the days of outgrown baby items. With this in mind, Inhabitat believes that Inhabitots who celebrate and incorporate style and design in their formative years might ultimately contribute to forward thinking practices and creative solutions in their later years.

The Argington Babylon Toddler Highchair is available in five finishes: Birch, White, Walnut, Red Maple, and Cherry. Cushions are available in: Brown, Orange, and Blue.

The Chair measures 16w x 28l x 42h; The Cushion measures 12w x 24l.

$198 from 2Modern

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