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michael jantzen, deconstructing the houses, photo series, suburbia, photography, green design, sustainable design

These hybrid images are so altered that the houses at times appear to be derelict and on the brink of collapse. They comment on the way in which we take the stability of the suburbs for granted, and suggest a different and unsettled world in which not even suburbia is a permanent entity.

The series of photo illustrations is very different from Jantzen’s previous work; the designer recently released plans for this stunning Solar Pavilion — a far cry from deconstructed McMansions. However, there are similar threads that link both works: the layered and fragmented shapes and patterns are common to both his architectural works and his photo series.

As Jantzen explains on his website, he wants to “reinvent the built environment in order to extend the reach of consciousness.”

+ Michael Jantzen

Images courtesy of Michael Jantzen