Milano Santa Monica is a lush green super city that is scheduled to sprout up just outside of Milan. Envisioned as a stacked series of high-rises overflowing with flowering terraces, the self-contained development will employ principles of bio-architecture in addition to photovoltaic panels and solar-thermal water heaters to cut down on energy use.

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Designed by Polis Engineering, Studio Nicoletti, and the Marzorati Architecture Studio, Milano Santa Monica will comprise more than 2000 apartments centered around a 2 million square meter park. The complex will be completely self-contained, offering schools, sporting facilities, and a shopping center, reducing the distance that its inhabitants will need to travel in the course of their daily activities.

The lush green high rises are efficiently designed and enshrouded in vegetation that helps to insulate the interiors while providing fresh air. Photovoltaic panels help to shade sun-facing windows while generating energy, and solar water heaters help to further increase efficiency. The development is currently slated for construction in 2013.

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