What structure is simple to erect, easy to move, and will keep you cozy on the windy Kyrgyz steppes? If you answered “Yurt” , you are correct!

Not just for Mongolian nomads anymore ? the traditional Central Asian yurt has been updated by a company called Pacific Yurts, who have revamped it into an economical and efficient contemporary mobile dwelling. The compact shape of the yurt and lightweight tensile structure means that the dwelling is highly efficient in maximizing strength while minimizing use of materials.

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If you are like me and have never seen a yurt in the flesh, they are similar to tents ? only bigger, sturdier and completely weather-tight. They are made from circular wooden frames that can be erected in a few hours, covered on the top and sides by a canvas wrapper. Pacific Yurts have taken the high-tech route and made their modern yurts from Douglas fir latticed frames, covered by vinyl walls and ceilings.

Starting at just $4150 for the smallest models, Yurt living sounds like an attractive option for the budget-minded contemporary nomad.

Pacific Yurts

Via Gadgetopia