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The picturesque Catskills mountains surround Hudson Woods for incredible views from almost every spot on the property. Each modest home is designed for efficiency, and to connect its residents with nature. Large glass curtains are a feature throughout the homes, to not only bring in the forest outside, but also to allow ample day lighting into each room. The homes are also situated to take advantage of passive solar benefits, optimizing the sun’s rays on one side while partially submerged on the other for natural insulation, and to be more harmonious with the land.

The development of the site was designed by a sustainable landscape architect and forester to ensure a thriving, undisturbed forest on the property. The area’s community was also considered and local craftspeople, materials and labor will be used to complete each of the homes.

The beautiful vacation homes also use sustainable and energy-efficient practices like seam metal roofing, stone retaining walls, on demand hot water, and the Nest learning thermostat to keep energy usage and costs low. Hudson Woods has just begun construction on the first of the 26 planned homes.

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