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Farmacy rises in the middle of the grassy park, with a metal framework grid. On each of the lateral rungs, the artist has hung the white Ag-Bags. Bunches of  herbs, berries and flowers sprout out of bright red X’s, which have a First Aid kit feel, giving the role of the medicine to the lush greens. Jeremijenko’s farm-fresh installation may be a sculptural success, but it is also an inspiration for city dwellers.

The AgBags were designed specifically for city farming to be easily draped over fire escapes or outside of apartment windows. They may look simple in design, but their focus is exciting- they bring the possibility of raising farm fresh produce to even the smallest apartments, and those without any outdoor space. Jeremijenko has also installed a smaller, ground-level farm with AgBags, to let visitors, especially children, see just how easy they are to use. Kids and parents can get their hands on the installations, water plants or even pick berries, right in the park!

The rest of the park continues the innovative exhibition, “Civic Action, a Vision for Long Island City,” with works that address the development of cities, by confronting environmental and ecological concerns. The exhibition is open until August 5th, with an array of community programming on the calendar, including outdoor movie screenings, GrowNYC Greenmarket demonstrations and Skills for Resourceful City Living for adults.

+ Socrates Sculpture Park

Photos © Lori Zimmer for Inhabitat