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Tropical flower installations and blooming rose-filled rooms were some of the more traditional displays at the show, but many of Girona’s exhibits were more contemporary than others, like a room of brightly-lit sunflowers contained within walls of cardboard boxes. One of our favorites was created by artists Ignasi Esteve and Marc Vicens – a simple wooden frame installation in the university plaza with just a red ladder between two grass-clad floors.

This year’s festival was a bit more humble than in previous years, presumably due to a decreased budget for the event, but many of the city’s ancient ruins and public terraces were transformed dramatically by using simple ideas. For example, hanging above one street was a floral web made from recycled plastic industrial materials.

If you are in the northern region of Spain and want to see a gorgeous floral display, Girona’s flower festival will be on show through May 20.

+ Tiempo de Flores

Images courtesy of Helen Morgan