Our friend Lloyd over at Treehugger is celebrating his 10,000th post, but before he became a star of one of the world’s most influential green blogs, he sought to sell this eye-catching Sustain Mini Home designed by Andy Thomson. “Prior to working at TreeHugger, I was trying to promote and sell the Sustain Minihome,” he wrote. “I still own the prototype. I was convinced that the future of housing was small, efficient mobile housing units in green trailer parks.” Lloyd eventually gave up the game, because people said the houses were too expensive and there was nowhere to put them, but you can still spend a night in his prototypical Sustain Mini Home at the Timber House Eco Resort in Ontario.

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The Sustain Mini Home design is not only beautiful inside and out, it’s also sustainable through and through. As they say themselves:

“Even when the miniHome was only 1-day old out of the factory, it didn’t have any of the noxious off-gassing and poor indoor air quality that plagues most vehicles, trailers, houses and manufactured products. That’s because we set out a very exclusive set of criteria for our manufacturer, which demanded:

* No vinyl * No formaldehyde * No toxic adhesives or finishes * All water-based, or plant oil-based finishes * No CFC’s or HCFC’s * All woods to be certified from sustainable sources (FSC certification) * High natural ventilation rate (windows open) * Constant fresh air supply (windows closed) via heat-recovery-ventilator * durable and low-maintenance

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This ensures both a mountain-fresh indoor air quality, with the pleasant aromas of unfinished cedar and beeswax millwork finishes, and a clear conscience – that we produced a building of enduring beauty from materials and methods that have the lightest burden on our ecosystems.”

If you happen to be in Canada and decide to spend a night at the charming Timber House Eco Resort, be sure to drop Lloyd a line and let him know what you think – he was way ahead of his time and now all kinds of people are jumping on the small house wagon.

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