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The main clubhouse is designed as a series of jutting white angular facades, with trapezoidal forms intersecting each other. Made from white metal panels, the facades allow daylight to flood the interior through vertical screens and spacing between the panels. Skylights throughout the complex provide light to many of the spaces below. Glass curtains and open air atriums connect the interior with the outside, including lushly planted courtyards set against the glass walls. Native bamboo, flowers and trees peek into the interiors, encased in interior glass walls.

The opposite side of the angular front of the clubhouse forms a half circle, which faces the water. Made of glass windows, an adjustable white metal louver system filters light in. The moveable blades open and close, allowing the light and privacy to vary on the interior.

Outside, the grounds are also planted with gardens and trees. Garden paths lead visitors on private walks for contemplation and gorgeous views of the nearby city. At the southern end of the garden paths, Meier designed a state of the art fitness center with an indoor pool. Rather than compete with the strong main clubhouse structure, the fitness center gently complements it. The smaller structure houses a skylight lit, glass encased lap pool that gives users stunning views of the gardens outside.

The Shenzhen Clubhouse provides an island oasis from the bustle of Shenzhen, with strong connections to the gorgeous landscape throughout its interior.

+ Richard Meier