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We’ve seen cardboard bikes, surfboards and a huge amount of cardboard furniture, but in what must be a world-first, Lue Nuwame—better known as Homemade Game Guru—has created a cardboard treadmill. And it works! Sort of. Built for a fraction of the cost of a regular motorized treadmill, the cardboard version is fully able to withstand the weight of adult human foot fall, and its tread does—somewhat—spin with the runner.

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Asking why anyone would build a cardboard treadmill seems like a rather moot point, but Nuwame explained in an email that the DIY fitness equipment serves as a “low cost environment[ally friendly] solution to losing weight and keeping fit.” Indeed, he’s been building these “extreme cardboarding” solutions for quite some time, and has constructed his own furniture and even an elliptical machine.

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For the treadmill, Nuwame started out with a simple one page design based on a plan to create a “‘human-powered’ organic treadmill using nothing but cardboard and construction glue! No nails, no mechanical parts and no expenditures surpassing $150.” The base is made from hand cut compressed cardboard that has been glued together, with tubes on either end, and a length of corrugated cardboard wrapped around and held together with tape to form the tread.

To fulfill the overall standard aesthetic of a treadmill, there are “sleek and sexy” curved legs and a glued on picture of a control console. But what is actually somewhat remarkable about this creation is that it does sort of work. It doesn’t appear that there’s much cushioning against impact, so it might not be so great on the knees, but it supports the weight of an adult running—albeit slowly—in one spot. And, as Homemade Game Guru mentions, it even worked on the first test.

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Images via Lue Nuwame