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The tiny Window House sits on a small plot that is just 10 by 26 feet along the water’s edge at Sagamo Bay. Yoshimura designed the home so that when the owner is not there during the week, the gorgeous view across the sea will not be obstructed to passersby. The two oversized windows on either side transform the entire home into a literal window from the vantage point of cars passing on the road, giving a clear view through the home to the sea. The home was placed on stilts to keep it safe from high tides, and is accessible via an outside staircase.

Inside, the staircases zigzag throughout the house leading to each level. The first floor houses the dining room and kitchen, connected to a stair case that leads to the living room on the second floor. Despite its transparent front and back facades, the three storey house still has some private areas. The tiny bedroom rests on the third floor, and eclipses the upper corner of the grand windows to allow natural light into the room. Yoshimura even built a small storage loft for the owners’ possessions, hidden under a floor so as to not obstruct the view.

The Window House is a unique weekend escape with a tiny footprint that allows both the owner and others to enjoy the serene beauty of the surrounding landscape.

+ Yasutaka Yoshimura

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