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James Bond is a lot of things: a womanizer, a troubled soul, licensed to kill. But first and foremost, 007 is a spy, and spies are always looking for new ways to monitor their targets. When trying to observe a villain from long-distance, any self-respecting secret agent would love to get their hands on the HALE-D (High Altitude Long Endurance-Demonstrator) solar-powered blimp by Lockheed. This shiny zeppelin is capable of climbing to 60,000 feet and then parking, giving it a 600-mile view of the earth. It’s the same thing you would get from a satellite, except the HALE-D is more versatile and solar-powered for long-term use without refueling.

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As an international secret agent, James Bond is always continent hopping, and not always in the traditional manner. Every once in a while he’s required to go off-road, finding his way through crowded cities with only his sense of direction to guide him. We think an agent as clever as Bond shouldn’t have to waste time using the sun to navigate. This solar-powered Seiko Astron watch features a low-energy GPS receiver that allows it to recognize all 39 time zones on earth via a global network of GPS satellites without ever needing a new battery.

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When James Bond rides off into the sunset, it’s usually on four wheels, not two, but given the high cost of gas, we wouldn’t be surprised to see MI-6 encouraging bike commuting. It might take some getting used to, but we think 007 would be right at home atop this two-wheeled version of the iconic (and expensive) Aston Martin One-77 Coupe – the One-77 Cycle. Featuring a high-tech computer system, a complex array of sensors, and a lightweight carbon fiber frame, this is hardly your normal bicycle. And just in case pedaling makes Bond feel a little un-glamorous, it offers rich, deep paintwork and  hand-stitched trim on the handlebars and saddle.

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One thing you can always be sure of in any James Bond movie is the high speed chase. Sometimes it’s in a sports car, sometimes it’s on a boat. You just never know what kind of a vehicle 007 will have to commandeer to pursue (or get away from) the bad guys. On the off chance it’s a motorcycle or bicycle, it’d be a good idea to have some sort of helmet handy. Designed by Swedish industrial designers Anna Haupt and Teresa Alstin, the Hovding helmet is perfect for our favorite secret agent, as it remains hidden inside a fashionable collar until its the moment it’s needed.

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Of course, you can’t ride a bike on water, so Bond would need another type of vehicle when chasing villains out at sea. We think the surprisingly compact FlyNano should fit the bill quite nicely. With electric motors and a powerful lithium-ion battery, this single-seater electric seaplane can soar through the skies in relative silence and land on any body of water with ease.

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When the pursuit takes place on land, most likely in the crowded streets of some developing country, bulky vehicles like cars and planes just aren’t going to work. James Bond needs a nimble vehicle, something that can let him move quickly, yet undetected. We think he’d look perfect on the Mission One, the world’s fastest electric production motorcycle. The fully electric motorcycle reaches 150 mph with ease, boasts 100 lb-ft of torque, and is powered by a high-energy lithium-ion battery that charges in under two hours.

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Besides 007’s notorious one-liners, arguably the best part of Bond movies is the villain. There’s no telling what secluded location will serve as their frightening-yet-well-decorated lair, and Bond has to be ready for anything. Since villains find it hard to resist the underwater secret base, we think this pedal-powered submarine is a must for the MI-6 arsenal. The mini-sub, nicknamed the ‘Scubster’ is entirely human-powered and is designed so that the ‘driver’ only has to pedal to propel it underwater.

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Once the villain has been properly thwarted, it’s only a matter of time before James Bond heads off to, well, wherever it is that secret agents go between missions. In Bond’s case that usually involves an exotic location and the company of a beautiful woman. Why not keep your options open with this solar-powered luxury yacht? Powered by two Ilmor Marine 710 horsepower V10 Formula 1 engines, along with a bank of solar cells that store power in on-board lithium ion batteries, this hybrid catamaran contains a Kevlar/carbon fiber hull, a canopy that tilts up to the rear swim deck, and a hot tub for unwinding after a hard day of spy work.