At the last London Pecha Kucha event, Youmeheshe architects presented their small but tall ‘organic house’ — a wood pre-fab prototype that was Youmeheshe’s answer to a British-government challenge last year for architects to design an affordable house for under £60,000.

This bio-fueled, wood-clad house that “touches the ground lightly” has been used in Byron Park, Harrow, London, and a wood architecture competition. The design uses a kit of parts – for example a level could be a whole floor or a loft depending on the size of the household – to assemble a house floor-by-floor. The highest models were of a 4 room, 4 story house. The house was conceived with the densely populated city in mind – it would not be unfathomable to build an entire row of houses or a whole London neighbourhood (the UK has a density minimum of 30 dwellings per hectare) using the organic prefab house.

Apparently production on these babies has already begun in southeast London.