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The lush Split-Rocker is perched above Rockefeller Center’s famous golden Prometheus sculpture, which guards the ice rink in the winter and the outdoor restaurant in warmer months. All throughout the summer, visitors are welcome to stop and smell the flowers – growing right out of the critter’s head! The 37-foot-tall piece is covered like a Chia pet with over 50,000 flower plants, each carefully cared for by a special gardening crew.

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Underneath the living green skin, Split-Rocker is made of a stainless steel frame topped with geo-textile fabric and soil.  An internal irrigation system keeps the sculpture’s green layer fresh and blooming. The sculpture will fluctuate and change throughout the summer as the flowers grow, wilt, and die, showing their life cycles right before the eyes of visitors.

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Split-Rocker’s NYC appearance coincides with Koons’ retrospective at The Whitney Museum, which opened in late June and includes 150 objects made by the artist since 1978.

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Images ©Lori Zimmer for Inhabitat

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