Glowing Nourishment Lamp Made From Plastic Bottles

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Glowing Nourishment Lamp Made From Plastic Bottles by

Designer Carolyn Joan Lau uses materials produced by her own kitchen -- her family's center of nurturing and nourishment and the source of the most household waste. The Nourishment Floor Lamps are made of yakult bottles and plastic ties. The plastic bottles are kept in their original form but perforated at their ends and simply assembled with the ties. The effect achieved is a soft diffused glowing sculpture. The plastic bottles will eventually degrade, but as a lampshade the beauty of the material can be experienced and viewed long after its contents have been drunk. Instead of being buried immediately in a landfill, the ephemeral quality of the material is illuminated and appreciated, encouraging us to think about how we consume. The simplicity of the lamp is such that it can be made out of any suitable plastic container that allows for clean perforations and some translucency.

1279 votes

19 Responses to “Glowing Nourishment Lamp Made From Plastic Bottles”

  1. Cliff Champion says:

    i feel like i just want to hug this lamp. so tactile!

  2. JenniferSharman says:

    I love your lamp. It is like being in a bee’s house and it gives out a lovely warm feel. The amazing thing on top of all this is that it is made out of plastic bottles and is totally eco! Congratulations for being so talented. Jennifer and Peter

  3. smellyhunt says:

    very lovely

  4. roynka says:

    My Favorite. It looks like it’s alive. Beautiful design.

  5. Agazeley says:

    This is great – what glue did they use, I might try it myself.

  6. mayechan says:

    this is so creative and will be nice to place it in my graden.. 🙂

  7. carolynj says:

    no glue used, just plastic ties. tx for the comments.

  8. eboireau says:

    It looks like a cocoon, a flower, a yeast, an eye…
    Felicitation to have created with simple means (reusable material and ties) a so amazing decorative lamp that will accomodate ideally low-heating LEDs.

  9. Feargus says:

    Let me know when you go into production! It is gorgeous and inspiring and the light quality looks beautiful. I bet your digestive system is great too after all those probiotics.

  10. Anastasia Lourdes says:

    …….can’t believe they are just yakult bottles. Cheers! to your wonderful creation Carolyn. You have my vote anytime.

  11. Antares says:

    I still remember Carolyn’s amazing Tuborg chandelier @ 1992 constructed from Tuborg beer cans and the ribs of a broken umbrella 🙂

  12. chris wong says:

    very holistic and very sculptural, cool………

  13. Tuesnoad1 says:

    Carolyn – you are very clever, it is brilliant. Stephen P

  14. katheros says:

    I dreamt about this several times after seeing it- shows the effect it has on the beholder.

    Inspiring, Carolyn!

  15. sharonbakar says:

    looks organic – like a fruit!

  16. chip board says:

    “Totally eco”??.. While I agree that it’s an attractive and clever use of a waste product there is not that much eco-friendly about buying a product that uses SO much packaging for such a small amount of product… Just saying like..

  17. bubblytoh193 says:

    An elegant unique lamp with a golden glow….excellant piece of art ……………good job, Carolyn!!

  18. TaniaLeaney says:

    Carolyn Joan Lau your lamps look like they would give that homely nest kind of feel and I would definitely like them in my home. Well done!

  19. sarah chew says:

    Looks so glam and out of this world- can’t believe it is made from plastic bottles. Kudos on such a creative design- you’ve certainly got my vote!