Rhapsody Lamp Recycles Hundreds of Plastic Bottles Into a Spectacular Display of Light

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Rhapsody Lamp Recycles Hundreds of Plastic Bottles Into a Spectacular Display of Light by

To create their Rhapsody Lamp, sibling team Reta and Vana Howell rescued a bounty of plastic materials from local businesses, friends and neighbors as the basis for their design. The plastics they collected were put through a special process that results in a glass-like appearance and feel. Depending on size, each light consists of 300 to 800 plastic bottles used in their entirety -- the team made it a point to not return anything to the landfill. When the lamp is illuminated, the result is a truly enlightening display of modern and functional art, highlighting the importance of recycling, reducing and reusing.

551 votes

11 Responses to “Rhapsody Lamp Recycles Hundreds of Plastic Bottles Into a Spectacular Display of Light”

  1. Diane Pham says:

    amazing shape

  2. Dan Mendes says:

    The way the plastic reflects light and the shape of the chandelier reminds me of a jellyfish, I like how the form replicates something more natural.

  3. Linda Iley says:

    This is a very classy look….beautiful and impressive!

  4. carmella1497 says:

    Beautiful I’m amazed. At. The creative immagination and artistry love it! Well. Done

  5. Anelson72809 says:

    I agree about the jellyfish! This is absolutely amazing and would love to display in my own home! a brilliant idea!

  6. barbbann says:

    beautiful… it really is very beautiful!

  7. goodwithstyle says:

    Perfect example of how good can be married with style to beautiful effect. Nice to see “eco” designs that are also usable.

  8. rene g says:

    It’s HOT! 🙂 Well, try to keep in mind that heated plastic will bleed toxic substances that can be carcinogenic. Hope you guys take every safety efforts when doing this. Environment is to be protected and sustained… so is your life 🙂

  9. retavanahowell says:

    Thank you for your comment and your concern Rene! Funny thing is, our original description did NOT include the words “manipulated with heat”. Apparently ‘someone’ decided to get creative with the description of our process. Either way, our greatest concerns always belong to the environment and life. We take every precaution in what we do 🙂

  10. janeenswing says:

    This Beautiful chandelier may be purchased at http://ecofirstart.com

  11. bbyblmrs says:

    This is stunning and where can I get one???????

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