Poetic Odyssey Suspension Light Made from Recycled Glass Bottles

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Poetic Odyssey Suspension Light Made from Recycled Glass Bottles by

Based on a fire hydrant lid designer Ismael Quintero found on Wall Street after 9/11, the Odyssey Suspension Light (2001) was originally realized in ceramic porcelain. After years of revisiting the light and evolving it’s language and meaning, the light was refashioned out of green glass from recycled beer bottles. Green is a very healing color and it was chosen because it ties the piece back to its original landscape. Due to the mixed glass in production, each light has a unique color. To make this a more unifying design, the Latin phrase “Nostri Lumen Est Una” adorns the fixture and is translated to mean “Our light is one.” The designer wants people to feel like they’re part of the healing process.

84 votes

5 Responses to “Poetic Odyssey Suspension Light Made from Recycled Glass Bottles”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the green glass of beer bottles — this creates some of the most interesting lighting!

  2. Dan Mendes says:

    I really like how this a truly recycled product, the glass gets melted down to form new pieces with their own character and new life expectancy, plus they can always just be melted down again

  3. pjcarlino says:

    Spectacular – the thickness and brutality of the glass is well suited to the strength implied by the fire plug and invokes the memory of the firefighters on 9/11. Nicely done!

  4. Ramona says:

    You might be onto something.

  5. owenjerome says:

    Glad I could vote Izzy! Very cool!