Hangelier 1.2 Upcycles Shiny Plastic Hangers

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Hangelier 1.2 Upcycles Shiny Plastic Hangers by

The Hangelier series are lampshades crafted from salvaged bike parts and off-the-shelf plastic hangers. Inspiration for the Hangelier series came while visiting a local thrift store where Organelle Designs saw racks and racks of plastic coat hangers. The parts are arranged to provide delight from different points – referencing classic light shade forms from a distance while surprising viewers up close with it’s unique material palette. Low-energy LED bulbs work in union with these unique designs to display innovation that doesn't hurt the environment.

46 votes

One Response to “Hangelier 1.2 Upcycles Shiny Plastic Hangers”

  1. Dan Mendes says:

    this looks like a high end glass/crystal chandelier, but much more clever.