Scrap Aluminum Twists into the Curly Sworth Light

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Scrap Aluminum Twists into the Curly Sworth Light by

Designed by Ilsa Parry and manufactured in collaboration with Tom Sutton, the Sworth lamp is constructed mostly from worthless by products of the shipping industry. Shipping yards produce massive amounts of aluminum slivers, know as swarf, when they cut the metal on engineering lathes to make parts for ships. Ilsa spotted the material back in 2004 and has been working with suppliers to make use of the leftover material scraps to manufacture a consistent and physically softer outcome. The solution reuses the aluminum, rather than recycling, a process which consumes further energy in order to melt the scrap metal down ready for making into other things. The lamp takes advantage of the brightness of the LED bulbs powering through the eye-catching metallic shade that casts dynamic shadows. Ilsa and Sutton have developed 3 products: a hanging pendant, a small freestanding lamp (850cm high), and a tall freestanding lamp (1700cm high).

66 votes

3 Responses to “Scrap Aluminum Twists into the Curly Sworth Light”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I wish I could see this in-person, as I am sure that the way the light reflects on the scrap metal is incredible!

  2. barbara grajewski says:

    This is industrial scrap recycling at it’s best!

  3. Benjamin_Mevo says:

    Great use of industrial surplus, it’s good that the design is not over complicated and is sustainable after use also.