Solar Powered Garden Candles Can’t Be Blown Out

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Solar Powered Garden Candles Can’t Be Blown Out by

John Houshmand's Garden Candles are a set of enchanting solar garden lights that resemble illuminated candles. Each lamp features an acrylic tube that is textured to cast light energized by a solar cell. The head of the lamp hosts a two volt 100 mA solar cell, 800 mAh battery, and three LED bulbs -- when the lamp is fully charged it maintains a lighting time of 10-12 hours. They are available in 3" and 4" diameters, and 2' and 4' lengths. The lamps can be planted in the ground, and depending on your soil, they are very stable. Set in an array, the these candles create a profound visual impact in any setting.

118 votes

6 Responses to “Solar Powered Garden Candles Can’t Be Blown Out”

  1. fad says:

    Lovely! What a great way to decorate and light your grounds with a magical feeling.

  2. maggiedee says:

    Really lovely and very practical! I’d buy these!

  3. jmoore says:

    Amazing and beautiful!

  4. cloverrabbit says:

    I’d buy it also! – they would look great in my front garden.

  5. el says:

    Love this! I’d buy it too.

  6. troylair says:

    I must be the devil’s advocate here with this design. The problem is that a lot of folks and companies have come up with the solar landscape lightings, however, no one has yet to come up with a set that actually works consistently and without failure. I have had many sets, and it’s the same thing over and over, one lights up and the other one does not. they both sit under the sun all day long, yet one works the other does not. the next day, the other one may work part of the night and the other one is on or off at different times or for short durations. The brightness of the lite is also questionable at times. i think we have a lot more to do with this technology before we go oogoo and gaga over them. sorry lady gaga for the reference.