Maglight Transforms Magazines into a Colorful Table Lamp

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Maglight Transforms Magazines into a Colorful Table Lamp by

Created from old magazines, Jürg Grassl's "Maglight" glows like stained glass thanks to the glossies' colorful pages. Beautifully constructed, the lamp showcases the possibilities that exist when you can design with low-heat LED bulbs. Recycled everyday materials are upcycled into gorgeous design.

152 votes

7 Responses to “Maglight Transforms Magazines into a Colorful Table Lamp”

  1. Anonymous says:

    this is a wicked usage of what would otherwise be waste!

  2. Dan Mendes says:

    I like the folding of the magazines in this, it adds a lot of dimension to this piece

  3. Jürg Grassl says:

    thank you for the roses!

  4. Mam Ullala says:

    Wunderschön mit tollem Lichtstrahl, einmalige Form, super Idee für Nutzung von alten Zeitschriften.

  5. AppleJack522 says:

    All I can say is WOW! This blows me away!

  6. Reto says:

    The colors of a magazine give warm feelings to the room, I guess.

  7. penguin020 says:

    I think the winning characteristic is that this design would have been dangerous or expensive without LEDs. Many of the others are really cool, and more efficient do to the LEDs, but they could have been achieved using standard incandescents or halogens.